2019-08-12-Day1 me, merz and williams

The Many Smiles of Ms. Merz

It probably seems odd to non-educators that decisions for teaching positions for the following August/September have to be made six-months in advance, around the February/March time frame. But we’ve entered that time of year, just after the mid-point of the school year… and it can make the last ten weeks feel like a “goodbye tour.” Oddly personnel changes can also happen almost overnight. Such is the case of my colleague and friend, Courtney Merz, who ran the “Communities in Schools” program and is being kicked upstairs to supervising the program in multiple schools. Today is her last day as our site person. It having been my job to create a visual record of almost everything on campus since I got here in 2016, I’ve gathered images and videos featuring Ms. Merz, her great smile, wonderful outfits and endless spirit. Enjoy.

Following images/animated gifs were used to create the video. Enjoy.

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