Public School Educator: FACT-TV Student Journalism (1996-2001)

After experimenting with student-created PSAs/journalism teams with my 6th grade students, I was asked to put together the proposal as part of our district Magnet Program application to make our school into a video-journalism-based school or FACT – Furgeson Academy of Communications and Technology. I then spent the next three-years implementing the grant. The following video is a Behind-the-Scenes look at the video journalism program that I created using 5th grade reporters/editors and 6th grade news-anchors and studio personnel, followed by an example of one of our later news shows.


The following video is based on my father’s memories spending his afternoons with his “abuelita” (grandmother) as a kindergartner. This animation was created during a summer school program with drawings by 1st & 2nd graders and with narration read by 2nd graders.


“Welcome 2 the Real World” was a music video inspired by the 80s Jane Child song. My sixth grade students wrote a paragraph about what the idea “the Real World” means to their parents and I recorded them reading their essays and added that to footage I’d shot in Downtown Long Beach.

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