1910s a young "Momma Tonia" (from matt bustillos' collection)

Pre-History: Benjamin Bustillos

1910s a young "Momma Tonia" (from matt bustillos' collection)
1910s a young “Momma Tonia” (from matt bustillos’ collection)

Pre-History: Images From Before My Time: Benjamin Bustillos

I began the “Family Photo Project” over a decade ago, after scanning in several images from mom and dad’s families and not having a clue about who any of these people were. I was fortunate enough to have interviewed dad on camera in the early 2000s about this collection. Then in the Fall of 2013 I restarted the project after hearing how my son had used his camera phone to take pictures of the poster of photos that had been put together for dad’s memorial service. I realized that if someone didn’t pull this information together it was going to get lost forever. I was lucky enough to get some information from sister Kathie before she passed and then when I was last in California I was able to interview mom on camera and get her side of the story on these images. This is an ongoing process and I’m hoping to add mom and dad’s recorded voices to this collection. Enjoy.

The Bustillos-family tree and young Ben Bustillos… (drag mouse over image for caption or click to open up in slideshow mode)

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