2005-06-24 Pepperdine Cadre X on the beach

Pepperdine EdD 2004-2009

From Guitar Man to Soundman & Back

Pepperdine EdD: ED770B Video Project Spring 2005


Jesus, Inc – A Book Review by Joe Bustillos

Pepperdine EdD: EDET 773 Tech Management paper Summer 2005


Looking at the Tenures of Steve Jobs & John Scully at Apple Computer

Pepperdine EdD: EDET700: Leadership of Human Endeavor paper Fall 2004

A Bell System switchboard where overseas calls are handled. Not all of the services shown are available during wartime conditions. December 22,1943

The Collapse of the Bell System: An Anecdotal Reflection From a Former Comm Tech

Pepperdine EdD: EDET714: Management of  Human Resources paper Fall 2004

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