Online Course-Work: 1.2 Blog Setup

1.2 Blog Setup (DUE ASAP/ before the end of Wk1)


“Online Learning is not the same as Solo Learning.” Your blog is one of three ways that you will interact with classmates and your course director. You will setup your class blog and share the URL with your classmates and course director.

::Estimated time to complete

30 minutes


You will do the following two activities:

  1. Create a blog that you will use to turn in course assignments. You are free to use WordPress or any blogging platform of your choice or repurpose a previously created blog. For detailed information on the blogging requirement and additional resources on blogging please see Resources below.
  2. Share the URL of your blog on the following class google doc as soon as possible (listed below).

Course Google Doc


:: Deliverables

  • Post your class blog URL on class google doc listed above. Please see detailed information on the blogging requirement please see the video and info below.

Grade – “No Fail”

:: Resources

Detailed Blogging Requirements:

You will post four entries to your blog each week. Please use the “Post” function for each entry and NOT the “Pages” function:

  1. Reading Entry: One entry must be about the week´s reading. Please post this entry by Friday of each week (to accommodate commenting, see next item).
  2. Comment Entries: You will comment on the blog posts of two classmates, then copy and paste your comment from classmates’ blogs AND the original entry back to an entry in your blog. Failure to include original post will result in a zero grade.
  3. Leadership Article Entry: Info on this blog entry will be post in each week’s blog info page in FSO and in the Leadership Article page.
  • Format: Blog entries may be text, embedded audio, or embedded video (text and audio entries must include at least one visual element). APA not required.
  • Length: Blog entries should be long enough to show “engagement” with the material. Text version: 160 words minimum; video/audio version: two-minute minimum, five-minute maximum.
  • Blog Entry Title example: wk1 reading: copyright issues, parts 1 – 3: information overload
  • Example WordPress blog
  • Additional Info: You are free to post more than four entries per week and you are not limited to “text only” entries. As mentioned in the video and above, your blog entry can be an embedded audio file or video file and must have at least one image (in the case of the text or audio entries). Please take great care to respect Copyright (translation: No unattributed copying and pasting of text or images). APA formatting is NOT required, but I would include a “Sources” section at the bottom of each entry listing media included in the entry. Make sure that “comments” are turned on in your blog.

The following links and articles are offered as resources to help you setup your course blog. You are NOT required to review these articles but are expected to consult this information if you have questions about your course blog.

Using for your class blog

Most questions about using are answered with articles at the WordPress Support page. If you’d like to dig more under the surface you can find a training module here:
Click here for tutorial: WordPress Essential Training

Finally, because I do not believe in assigning to anyone anything that I am not willing to do myself, you can catch my unsanctioned blog at Education Re-Examined. If you have any questions, please contact me ASAP at

If you have any questions, please contact me ASAP at

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