Online Course-work: 1.1 Professionalism & Course Intro

1.1 Professionalism & Course Intro


You will have a basic grasp of the course requirements and reviewed the professionalism requirement.

::Estimated time to complete

One hour


This activity is multi-step. It is designed to make you aware of the graduate level writing expectations, the overall objectives for the course, and a review of the Global Professionalism Standards (GPS) that were explained to you in orientation. It is your responsibility to be aware of all policies and procedures guiding your journey through the EMDT MS program. Please review the videos posted in the Resources section below. Also, I highly suggest printing the Course at a Glance and the GPS document so that you can refer to it whenever needed.

Some of the more important points are:

  • Comply with Full Sail policies and GPS throughout the course.
  • Post all assignments on time.
  • Practice proper online etiquette.
  • Use professional format for emails to faculty and staff.
  • Ensure that emails are free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
  • Contribute actively to the monthly community discussion board.

Professional communication is critical to projecting a professional image and establishing positive professional relationships. All projects, as well as written and verbal correspondence, should be appropriate for a professional setting in content, tone, and format.

By clicking on “completed”, I am affirming that I have read and understand the Course Overview, GPS document and the Course at a Glance.


Course Overview

NOTE: If there are any errors in due dates, please refer to the activity page in FSO for the most current information.


(Click on course-at-a-glance image to view PDF version)

Course FSO Walk-Thru

The following is an intro video that I made a couple years ago when I was applying to become an ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator) and thought to include the video as an intro to you as another insight into your current instructor. Enjoy.

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