Looking For Creagan McConnell

Looking For Creagan McConnell:
The Man and the Myths (1994 Documentary)


In 1994 my best friend, Creagan McConnell, announced that he was going to move to Arizona to help his folks build their home. I produced the following video, with the help of many others, to share at his going away party. A second video (posted at the bottom of the page) was also created featuring comments from friends and family who attended the going away party. As should be evident from the content and spirit of the videos, over the years we had a lot of fun together. Rest-in-Peace, my friend, you will never be forgotten.

Filmed on location in Tustin, Mission Viejo, Fashion Island & Anaheim, California in 1994
Video cameras supplied by Tim Booth & Paul Quinby; Additional video equipment by Ben & Josie Bustillos
background music:
Andy Summers “The Golden Wire
Level 42 “Running in the Family
and James Taylor “Fire and Rain” from the “James Taylor (LIVE)
Theme music:
“Island Party” courtesy Smartsound Music at

The Producer also wishes to thank:
Jennifer Jackson, Don & Margie McConnell, Mich & Paul Quinby, Matt Bustillos, Ben & Josie Bustillos, The Eggers family, Merrilee Harper, Kathie Glassmeyer, Denise Valverde, Kay Streppone & Marie Jones
for subjecting themselves to the camera’s gaze and the interviewer’s probing questions;
and, of course,
Creagan Edward Charles “Rufus” McConnell
for leaving his doors unlocked and for living such an “interesting” life.
Written, Produced and Edited by
Joe Bustillos


This video began as a 8mm film, originally consisting of mostly “dying” scenes Creagan and I filmed in 1971. Over the course of two years it became a Western about two reluctant pioneers, Chuck & Rufus, heading to San Francisco in the years after the Civil War.

Creagan McConnell as Rufus
Joe Bustillos as Chuck
Matt Bustillos as Clarence Hush
Dave Thompson as Street Fighter
Pepuce as the killer dog
Filmed on 8mm by Creagan McConnell, Joe Bustillos and Dave Thompson
Written, Produced and Directed by Creagan McConnell and Joe Bustillos
1971/1972, 1994 & 2015 versions Edited by Joe Bustillos
1994 version Written by Joe Bustillos
Filmed on Location in Mission Viejo, CA 1971/1972
Video soundtrack:
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, “Woodstock,” “Country Girl,” & “Deja Vu” from “Deja Vu
Theme music:
“Copelandesque” courtesy SmartSound Music at

The Producers wish to thank: Don McConnell & Ben Bustillos for letting us transform their backyards into the Post-Civil War American frontier, Don McConnell for original use of the camera and “building supplies,” Margie McConnell & Josie Bustillos for looking the other way while we jumped off their roofs and through their plants.


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Creative Commons License
jbbsmediaprojects.com by Joseph Bruce Bustillos is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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