2016-12-31 LEGO Build

LEGO & Robot Adventures

I was a G.I. Joe/Lincoln Logs kid growing up. I don’t think LEGO was a thing back then. Well, since finding myself idly disassembling student creations prepping for the next class during the Full Sail Labs years (2015) I’ve become a huge fan. Here are collections of images and videos of my LEGO builds. Enjoy.

LEGO Women of NASA

2018-02 Women of NASA

Time Lapse LEGO Build

LEGO NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266-front

2019-06 Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Build

Time Lapse LEGO Build

2019-06-05 LEGO Saturn V Build-09

2019-06 Saturn V Build

Time Lapse LEGO Build

LEGO IDEAS 21320 Dinosaur Bones Builds 3

2020 Dinosaur Fossils build

time lapse LEGO build

LEGO 21321 International Space Station-1

2020-05 International Space Station build

Time Lapse LEGO Build

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