Music: Joe Bustillos

Music and writing were my first loves. I’ve been dabbling in music longer than photography and music seems to be the most consistent through-line in my journey discovering where my artistry might take me. Another example of something I didn’t know I could do (write music) until I had a friend (Jim Davis) who showed me how. Sometimes I just needed to sing and I couldn’t find the music that expressed my feelings, so I wrote it for myself.

“Natalie” From The Stormmaker 2003 Recording

1980 song about a happy infant daughter in a less-than happy home.

jj-and-moi - guitar buds

Remembering One’s Voice… Musically

Droplets (1979) & Gentle Hands (1978) memories


Fiddler’s Green Open Mic Night 2016-07-17

Second week in a row at Fiddlers’ Green for my projected penultimate session.

“Natalie” at Human Experience LV

2018-10-29 Open Mic Night & 10-year anniversary show


“Everybody is a Star” and “Natalie”

2018-11-26 Ninja Karaoke LV


2019-03-18 Ninja Karaoke Las Vegas

“Lean On Me”

Some Assembly Required Band featuring Joe Bustillos (2019-06-02)

2019-07-08 joe bustillos at ninja karaoke open mic

“Maybe It’s Time” & “Everybody is a Star”

2019-07-08 Ninja Karaoke LV

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