Fitzgerald STEAM Units

Inside the STEAM Lab Summary video 2019-2020

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2018-09-04 STEAMLab_wk04 WeDo-kits

Unit01: 2019-2020 Rules & Behaviors

CCSD 2016-2020

2019-08-19 Documenting Your Journey

Unit02: Documenting Your Journey

This assignment is about learning to write the story of your life and someone important to your family.


Unit05: STEAM Lab Writing Prompt SLG

Please write a response to the following prompt with a short paragraph and then a short response to a classmates post.

simple machines by james gilleard

Unit08: Simple Machines: Levers

Please watch the following videos. Then take a piece of paper, draw your own lever and label the parts.


Unit09.01 STEAM Biographies: Franklin Chang Diaz

“Who can say what your life will become if you follow your dream?”

S84-27219 (3-11 Feb 1984) - Astronaut Ronald E. McNair, 41-B mission specialist

Unit09.02: STEAM Biographies: Ronald McNair

“Who can say what your life will become if you follow your dream?”


Unit10.01 WeDo Robots – Racing Car

We will be building WeDo “Racing Car” together as a class and you will be working in pairs


Unit12: Seasons & the Mystery of the Missing Hummingbirds

What causes Earth’s four seasons? Let’s record what’s going on our garden and see if things change.


Unit13: Build-a-Robot

We will be building robots together (one robot per student).


Unit15: Stop-Motion Animation (Home Edition)

Using what you have to created an animated story

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