1900s young reyes family (left to right: jess, manuel, Jose Reyes (grandpa), lucy, Maria Reyes (grandma), tico & grandma’s brother, gavino).


I began the Family Photo Project over a decade ago in order to pass on this history that was quickly fading

1970s 8mm movie - lynn tschirgi

Day Trip to Laguna Beach (1973)

Diving into the Past Without Drowning: Day Trip to Laguna Beach (1973)


Looking For Creagan McConnell

(1994 Documentary)

2000-07-18 benjamin's picture book

Benjamin’s Picture Book

Based on my father’s memories spending his afternoons with his “Abuelita” (grandmother) as a kindergartner.


Beware of Joe & His Camera

Sorry (not sorry), I’m just (visually) telling a story…


Celebrating Friends and Family over the Past Year (2017)

Travels & Fun over the year.

2006-07-28 Bird Cage Bar at Prescott AZ

Happy 60th Birthday, Creagan


2019-08-12-Day1 me, merz and williams

The Many Smiles of Ms. Merz

Ms. Merz, her great smile, wonderful outfits & endless spirit

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