You’re Not Winning If You Have to Lie to Make Your Point 🤥

You’re Not Winning If You Have to Lie to Make Your Point Oh look someone has discovered the power of Photoshop [yawn]. The image of Obama holding up a “Trump is my president” t-shirt went with the caption: “post this and watch all the liberals’ heads explode.” If 45 were at all a “normal” policy-wonk kind’a Republican, I could almost imagine Obama holding up the … Continue reading You’re Not Winning If You Have to Lie to Make Your Point 🤥

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Blog Reunification/Relaunch as

Blog Reunification/Relaunch as I used to think that it was a problem that I could never narrow down my writing or my blog posts to one subject. I mean, I know that I cringe when the tech podcasters I follow venture into areas outside their expertise. Alas, having experimented with separating my many interests into separate blogs, I find treating these things as separate … Continue reading Blog Reunification/Relaunch as

This Show Must Not Go On

This Show Must Not Go On Word have consequences and silence has meaning. We are better than what we have allowed or conspired to happen in our nation. If you are angered at that idea, screaming, “I didn’t do anything!” then you’ve proven my point. The hate driven divisive behavior from the “top” of our national culture needs to stop, like this newspaper, and work … Continue reading This Show Must Not Go On

Which Jesus?

I saw this post and immediately thought, “which Jesus?” It was complicated enough when the discussion was limited to personal piety, how to best live the words of the gospels, but to elevate things so that sins become crimes and that interpretations of the biblical texts become state issues is terrifying. Does anyone remember when civic western civilization last fell and religion stepped into the … Continue reading Which Jesus?

The Threat of Separation

You’re missing the point if you think that the fact that this little wasn’t separated from her mom invalidates the trauma she’s experiencing. The confrontation with authorities, the dehumanization of her parents, caused this level of panic. Now imagine the thousands where the child WAS separated from their mothers or fathers. Are you so callous and uncaring (or literal minded) that you can dismiss this … Continue reading The Threat of Separation


In Good Faith/In Bad Faith – Easter 2018

In Good Faith is about the promises we make and the promises that are made to us. And “In Bad Faith” is the reality that it’s always more complicated than promised. How far off things are from the promises matters, and this needs to be addressed (thus this blog). For example, mom wants me to be in church this Easter Sunday. Being back in Las … Continue reading In Good Faith/In Bad Faith – Easter 2018

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Have An Informed Opinion: Volunteer at Your Local School

So this showed up in my feed…. maybe these people should actually spend time visiting or volunteering at their local schools instead of watching right wing propaganda on their TVs and then throwing virtual rocks from their computers…. here was my response: “I cannot repost this. My school does the pledge and 30-seconds of silence every day. You might want to be more specific with … Continue reading Have An Informed Opinion: Volunteer at Your Local School

Pot Calling out The Kettle: tRumpf and Amazon

The guy who bragged that not paying taxes was “smart” attacks Amazon for not paying their fair share?! Didn’t he just sign a bill into law designed to lower the taxes of large businesses and billionaires? Oh, right, besides his poor memory skills, such things only apply to whatever he watches that morning on “Fox & Friends.” Also, Amazon’s use of the USPS is probably … Continue reading Pot Calling out The Kettle: tRumpf and Amazon