Joe Bustillos Media Projects

1900s young reyes family (left to right: jess, manuel, Jose Reyes (grandpa), lucy, Maria Reyes (grandma), tico & grandma’s brother, gavino).

Family & Friends Photo Project

I began the Family Photo Project over a decade ago in order to pass on this history that was quickly fading.

Bunny Buchert -

Pin-Up Photography

Pretty girls I’ve been lucky enough to photograph.

2010-05-14 STS132 Atlantis Launch

Space Cadet

I’ve been a NASA fan-boy my whole life, going back to watching rocket launches on TV in the early 1960s.


Joe Bustillos Music

Another example of something I didn’t know I could do (write music) until I had a friend (Jim Davis) who showed me how. Sometimes I just needed to sing and I couldn’t find the music that expressed my feelings, so I wrote it for myself.

2017-06-30 Route46, Sanford, FL with ohd, swami & tristen

Oak Hill Drifters (Music)

I first met this band in July 2013, they were the opening band for a pre-pin-up contest. We chatted on the street corner after the gig and I made it a point to be there whenever they played and bring my cameras. Good decision.

2008-02-15 Neva at TacoBeach - 052

NEVA Music

I wasn’t living in Long Beach when Melissa Etheridge made her breakthrough playing locally at a club, but every time I came out to watch Neva I thought I was seeing the beginning of the same thing. Powerful voice, powerful playing, powerful soul.

2008-11-26 Things I Never Thought I'd Hear at Work (Full Sail University)


I’ve been lucky enough to have had some really great people in my life. They’ve been lucky enough that I always seem to have a camera around when I’m out and about. These galleries attempt to tell those fun and important stories.

2017-07-17 NYC Subway with Brandon & Stephanie

Travels & Events

I love road trips and spending days and weeks exploring new places.

Video Projects

I’ve been experimenting with video technology since the end of my 2nd B.A., in 1991. Whether it’s crude VHS technology or non-linear video editing, I got into video creation because sometimes a story is better told with pictures and sound than with words on a page.

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