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Essays, short stories, chapter ideas, and sometimes musings about my writing projects and on the writing process.

Lies, Damn Lies and Marketing Terms…

Competition is good. Love that now Verizon is being made fun of for not being that fast. Oh, and by the way, Sprint’s “4G” technology is actually not up to the official “4G” speeds and is really just a marketing term, NOT connected to the official 4G specifications recognized by the IEEE. They could just […]


Obama Hope Poster For Sale or “Shephard Fairey: Oops”

Another day, another Fair Use issue in the headlines. Imagine my surprise as I began to do research to update my previous article on the Fair-Use/Copyright kerfuffle between the Associated Press (AP) and street-artist/icon-wanna-be Shephard Fairey, to discover that the case was dismissed yesterday, January 11th, 2011, and that the two parties had entered into […]