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Daily Random Sh*t: Grow Up 45, said my conservative friend

My conservative friend, Reo, posted the above comment. My response comment: I agree (with the a Trump part). The quality of the character of the person doing this job is rather important. He does not seem to be up to the task. It’s interesting to demand that a 70-year-old grow up and act presidential. All the presidents make mistakes, especially

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Jacob’s Ladder & JBB’s Desktop Blogs Updated & Moved

Done… Man, what a pain in the ass! But it’s done. All of these blogs previous entries (going all the way back to 2003!) have been moved to main blog. Next job is to create different page templates for each blog category. Yeah. Simplify and diversify at the same time. What a f-ing geek am I. jbb

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No Web 2.0 Friends

The week began with me catching some playful hell for twittering while I was supposed to be “judging” my friends’ game of Trivial Pursuit. I only volunteered to “judge” because I was the fifth wheel and preferred drinking my beer, watching the traffic go by and offering an occasional opinion than committing to the game. Actually the fact that my

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Not A Twitter Whore

I was hanging out with friends Saturday night, typical night out downtown with the gang, having a few brewskies, some fondue, a little friendly game of Trivial Pursuit. I was the designated “fifth wheel” so I decided to be the judge of the match between a co-worker, her husband and another coworker and his roommate. A fun time was being

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Marriage Proposal on Twitter

Last Sunday, at about the same time that I was working on my sister’s computers and watching the Phoenix Mars Lander do it’s thing on, someone who goes by the online handle of “Mrs. Happy Pants” was accepting a marriage proposal marriage via the Internet mini-blog service called Twitter. I heard about this by following the Twitter messages (“tweets”)

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