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video fridays: Thru You Too by Kutiman

Thru You Too, the second video collection by Kutiman was recently released. As a wanna-be musician/video-maker, I am so inspired by the marvelous creations Kutiman creates from all of these unrelated YouTube videos. The thing that gets me is that so much amazing music is being created in the bedrooms, living rooms, subway corridors and small halls all across the

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Kutiman – Thru You Too – No One In This World [video]

I first wrote about Kutiman back in 2009 when Patron-Musician-to-the-Geeks, Jonathan Coulton, posted in his blog about this musician/video-artist who had taken unrelated YouTube videos and created a series of six-tracks that was the best thing he’d heard/seen but was also completely impossible to sell because of all the possible copyright claims over the source videos. Apparently Kutiman, born Ophir Kutiel,

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Video Tuesdays: Dancing Across the World/Where the Hell is Matt 2012

As the world continues to look like a battlefield, the following video rolled across my download stream. Matt Harding actually began recording himself doing his unique jig while traveling in Vietnam in 2003, but the video that many of us remember as being the first of Harding’s viral videos was posted in 2005 (second video below). At a time when

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Wednesday Joke Break: Drunk Wife & The Two Chips

Animator, Adam Patch, recorded his wife telling a joke and decided to make a short video, featuring her happily alcohol-assisted narration. Enjoy (we can all use a laugh or two). Resources: Husband Animates A Joke Told By His Drunk Wife, Two Chips / An Animated Short by Adam Patch,

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“What If” Is All About the F-Word

It’s been a while since I’ve bothered with a film review, especially something that isn’t Sci-Fi… I’m not fond of the title, that was changed for American audiences from “The F-Word” to the limp, meaningless, “What If.” That said, I loved the chemistry, the awkward energy and conversations between all of the characters. And this isn’t because I can identify

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Love is a Strength, Fear is the Weakness

At a time when many would divide us and try to use our fears to keep from discovering what we’re capable of, it’s time to speak out against the Fearmongers. If you give yourself a chance to get past the surface and the labels and the fear, we are capable of so much good. Even the haters have some light

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