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Not Quite Dead Yet: Second Life

dailyrandomshit for 2016-04-26 Hey look, Second Life isn’t quite dead yet! I wonder if there will be a point to the experience this time. The Verge just did a live session on Facebook and posted an article on Second Life’s effort to remain relevant (see links below).


Sonic Support – Bent Earbuds

Daily Random Shit for 2016-04-23: Bent Earbuds You never know important something is until it stops working properly. And I just realized that this is the second time in the past year that my earbuds seem to be cutting-out or launching Siri randomly or going into double-speed of the podcast I’m listening to. I’m guessing […]


Et tu, WordPress?

I decided to go to the local WordPress holiday party. Nice people, great snacks and beer, love the Exchange Building where it was hosted. Most of the attendees of these events are either developers or run WordPress related-businesses. I’m neither. I’m a writer who inconsistently blogs. As if I wasn’t feeling a little odd-man-out enough […]


WordPress.ORG or WordPress.COM

2015-08-12_wordpress-org-error Last week I bit the bullet and signed up for an account with DreamHost so that I can move my blog(s) from the free hosting to a self-hosting site. It’s been a bumpy road. I’m not entirely sure that it’s worth the hassle. 2015-08-12 8:45am I’m now getting an error message: “A problem […]