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Witnessing History: The Best Steve Jobs Keynote

Just over eight-years ago I was in the auditorium on January 9, 2007 and witnessed history when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world. It seems weird that this happened only eight-years ago, and at the same time hard to appreciate how the technology world really changed after that keynote. Apple was a sliver of the computer market with

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Where Do You Get Your News?

Hey Online Friends, I’m doing an informal survey about where we’re getting our news these days. I’m looking at re-engaging my former journalism-ways, but want to take the pulse of my social network friends on where you get your news. Thanks in advance. How often do you read a newspaper? A. Daily/Paper B. Daily/electronic (web/ipad/kindle) C. Weekly (Sundays)/paper D. Weekly (Sundays)/electronic

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Is Cyber-Monday Still A Thing?

I don’t know if you’re more motivated to shop because of all the noise on TV and made by annoying friends with blogs (sorry about that)… but I know that I have to stop myself sometimes because there are things that I’ve been thinking of getting for myself or as gifts that I put put off that suddenly becomes very important

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Reminder For Those Shopping From Home

Hope y’all are enjoying Black Friday from the comfort of your home. Just a reminder for those of you doing your holiday shopping at, if you’d kindly begin your search with one of the links below it’ll help moi while I continue my “Next Chapter” of my career. Besides my good friend, Tom Lucas’ latest book, this list was

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