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Incomplete Beings [short story group]

Intro: This week my short story group assignment was to write about a “real life” incident, so I re-edited a previous reflection from when I was beginning treatment for what would later be diagnosed as CIPD. Enjoy(?) April 13, 2012 8PM – Waiting for my MRI for a possible pinched nerve that’s interrupted my life and my sleep for over

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“What If” Is All About the F-Word

It’s been a while since I’ve bothered with a film review, especially something that isn’t Sci-Fi… I’m not fond of the title, that was changed for American audiences from “The F-Word” to the limp, meaningless, “What If.” That said, I loved the chemistry, the awkward energy and conversations between all of the characters. And this isn’t because I can identify

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Her: “It’s Not You, It’s Me” In the Age of AI

Sometimes when our technology gets out of hand the result isn’t the violent demise of humankind, but that’s not to say that it might not result in something worse. There are those who saw Spike Jonze’s “Love in a digital age” fairy tale, Her, during it’s theatrical run and all they saw was weird high-waisted pants and disembodied phone-sex. I

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Unplug or Just Another Form of FOMO?

This video has been making the rounds this past week. One of my groups actually set aside this week as a week to unplug from our technology and reconnect with those around us. I certainly understand the struggle to find some balance between one’s work life and personal life and because so many of us work with technology, it

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Trying to Remember What’s My Mission?

2014-02-16 my mission circa-2012-12

I’ve been back from California for a few weeks, dove right back into work, getting out of the house and keeping tabs on my health. Today actually marked the first time since my illness that I did what I said I would do when I began treatment in September of 2012, that in a year’s time I’d do a 5K.

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Easier Living in the Slipstream of Others

I was trying and failing to get up the energy to dive into another session grading student work. I muted the TV during the commercial break and looked over at my computer workstation and thought for a second that I felt bored. But with too much to do both personal and with my job, how could I be bored? Something

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