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The Oregon Trail: Official Movie Trailer

The more you know about the nascent computer education game the funnier this trailer is. I can’t tell you how many times I watched fourth graders lose everyone in their travel party because they shot more bison than they could eat or carry (or like the guy in the trailer, they spent all of their money on bullets and no

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Video Fridays: When Is Machine Music Real?

So yesterday I got an email from my girlfriend, Tricia, who was so amazed by this video of this music making machine that appeared to make some really complicated music via shooting balls at the various rhythm instruments. The writer of the original message ends the message with, “Of the all the balls you will see, NOT ONE hits the

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Microsoft’s TellMe vs. Apple’s Siri

Uploaded by techaudottv on Nov 24, 2011 Video comparison between Microsoftt’s Tellme and Apple’s Siri. The results speak for themselves. More than 1 Million views!! more than 2,000 comments. You guys are certainly opinonated. I wonder how many of you read the post wrapped around this video?

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One Last Thing: The PBS Steve Jobs videos

I know that I’m venturing dangerously close to Steve Jobs Biography overload, with my last number of blog posts being related to the passing of Steve Jobs and the subsequent publication of his authorized biography… but as I was going through my sources I found the following two PBS documentaries. The first covered familiar territory previously shared in Cringley’s mini-series

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Eric Whitacre: A virtual choir 2,000 voices strong [TED talk]

At TEDx Orlando 2011 we were shown the following video/TED talk by Eric Whitacre. I’ve been working in online education for over three years and earned my master’s degree and worked on a doctorate online, I know how powerful the connections can be. Far from being a weak substitute for “being there,” there is a powerful “being there” that we

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