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Pot Calling out The Kettle: tRumpf and Amazon


The guy who bragged that not paying taxes was “smart” attacks Amazon for not paying their fair share?! Didn’t he just sign a bill into law designed to lower the taxes of large businesses and billionaires? Oh, right, besides his poor memory skills, such things only apply to whatever he watches that morning on “Fox & Friends.” Also, Amazon’s use

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On Knowing What Other People Are Thinking

2017-07-15_SRT_WH-IMG_1941 by Joe Bustillos

In an exchange that began with a conservative friend fretting over CNN’s obvious obsession with bringing down tRumph he commented, turns out accidentally, that in view of the scandals he’d blame Melania for leaving tRumph. That didn’t make sense so I commented: You’d blame Melania if she left Trump? That doesn’t seem to make sense. She should “stand by here

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Daily Random Sh*t: No More

Daily Random Shit: No More Washington Post article carried one story from the shooting ( Sad. We can make this better, but it won’t be simple and we cannot let those who shout the loudest “win.” What should have led to friendship and connection was brutally killed by a sniper’s bullet and some are going to say that they cannot

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Daily Random Sh*t: Grow Up 45, said my conservative friend

My conservative friend, Reo, posted the above comment. My response comment: I agree (with the a Trump part). The quality of the character of the person doing this job is rather important. He does not seem to be up to the task. It’s interesting to demand that a 70-year-old grow up and act presidential. All the presidents make mistakes, especially

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GITS: White Wash, Rotten Tomatoes & Apparent Impossible Expectations

Do you like Scarlett Johansson as a kick-ass leader of a anti-terrorism police unit? Are you a fan of the iconic Ghost in the Shell anime movies and/or TV series? If either of the two or both are true, please go see the new live-action version of GITS before pontificating on white-washing or the movie’s apparent soullessness. After the failure

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Daily Random Sh*t: Hurt Him Where He’s Most Vulnerable #BlockTrump

In the end, one powerful way to deal with a bully is to shut down his ability to get under your skin. After the election, while listening to former Fox News personality, Megyn Kelly talk to PBS’s Fresh Air host, Terry Gross, about how Trump bullied her using Twitter and inspiring his “Twitter Army” to invade her life, some literally

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Meaning v Things

DailyRandomShit for 2016-09-03: Meaning v Things Someone posted a lovely post purporting to have been written by Steve Jobs. Alas, it was not actually written by Steve Jobs per ( We don’t need the death-bed conversion of a tech icon to understand that things don’t replace meaning. The struggle for all of us is to live and do the

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