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My Videos on YouTube

While up with my Pepperdine Friends I decided to move my video archive onto the YouTube website. At the moment I’ve only uploaded two videos but eventually I’ll upload the whole archive and put a link to the whole catalogue on the nav bar on the right of this blog… But for the moment feel […]


The Human Capacity to Love ‘Bots

Jim Louderback, on his What’s New Now podcast, recently interviewed Colin Angle, CEO of iRobot, following the Future in Review conference where Angle had made a powerful presentation. iRobot is the company that produces the disk-shaped vacuuming consumer robot the Roomba and PackBot robots used by government and the military. One of the more interesting […]


WarGames Reflections

The past two weeks we’ve been in “Testing” mode at my school, which means we’ve gone from our normal 40-minute periods to 2-hour block scheduling. As much as I enjoy my students (well, some of my students), 2-hours is a really long haul, so for the second hour I tend to put in a video […]


Comfort Videos

Those of you with pre-school kids probably know this phenomenon quite well: “Okay Mikey, what do ya wanna watch?” “Shrek II!” “But we just watched Shrek II.” “Shrek II” “Come on Mikey, we have dozens of other videos that we can watch…” “Shrek II” “But…” “Shrek II” And so you and your four-year old spend […]


Good-Bye Robert Moog

I don’t remember if I had to or chose to, but in the 7th grade I took a class in Classical Music Appreciation. Now that I think about it, over my multi-decade educational journey, this was one of only two music classes that I’ve ever taken. It was the dim dark days of 1972 and […]