TLDR: Dealing with a Dead Drobo

2017-10-11 Drobo5C blue light flashing

I’m spoiled. I buy some piece of tech, I expect it to work, no muss, no fuss. I’ve been doing this long enough to remember how hard it used to be to get anything done to the point where I’m now often unprepared for what to do when tech things don’t work. I posted in my social media feed that my Drobo died and was met with mostly “meh” and some confusion.

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Reflections from the Road: June 26, Day 5, San Antonio Riverwalk & a Bucket of Coronas

I just spent 39-days driving cross-country & here is one of my reflections from the experience. Enjoy

On every level, what’s the plan? Maybe I’m starting a bit too deep. It’s a Monday night and I’m sitting outside at one of San Antonio’s Riverwalk restaurants watching the couples stroll by. Four Coronas in, I have serious doubts about my observations & my ongoing unspoken commentary. I’m making great eye-contact with the help and assume my complete invisibility to the strolling tourists. I’m friends with the laughter around me though I know they’ll have no memory of the shared conspiratorial smiles. Then again, I took my glasses off, so I’m gonna be hard pressed to confirm anything I allegedly “saw.”

Blue-t-shirted Googlers and lots of folks from somewhere else hold court around me…. The mansplainer behind me talked nonstop for over an hour about whatever  and I scarcely remember hearing the voices of his two companions. People put up with a lot.

Damn the food was good and the bucket of Coronas even better. After the Googlers left I was surprised to discover that I was surrounded by a whole host of Apple-people and ADEs. I melded into their conversations (that I cannot hope to remember at the moment) and the world seemed right to have such passionate intelligent educators in it. Then on my walk home, Apple Maps took me way off course and added a lot of unwanted steps to my already long day. Shit.

Many Thanks Indeed 2011 – Reissued

Originally posted 11/25/2011

This time last year I was spending a conspiratorial week traveling from Orlando to Southern California and then up to Northern California and back with my brother and his bride-to-be to do their wedding. It was meant to be in secret for reasons that escape me at the moment but the plot had been uncovered by older sister Kathie earlier in November, resulting in a lot of hurt feelings and a lot of shrugged shoulders from moi and brother Matt. Family. I guess the secrecy was an ill-fated attempt to keep things simple, and given all of the little elements Marty planned for our few days in Northern California, it wouldn’t have been possible to pull it off given the huge entourage any family event tends to create for us Bustilloses. Ack. We say that we believe in Family but the belief is a lot more manageable in theory than the real thing when planning a four-day adventure/wedding get-a-way in Sonoma.

One full-day was spent slowly creeping through Southern California traffic resulting in a 10 P.M. arrival in Sonoma, with a 6 A.M. call to meet at the front-desk the next day, which happened to be Thanksgiving. Ugh turn oh-my-god when we were driven out to an open field where two giant hot-air balloons were being prepared to take us and those others gathered aloft over a cold but sun-drenched Napa Valley. Once we were back on earth we were treated to a hearty breakfast buffet, which required naps when we got back to the bed-and-breakfast. The day ended with a Thanksgiving dinner aboard the Napa Wine Train.

It had pretty much been a perfect day with a good measure of adventure, beautiful sights, family and wine-induced reflection. So, a number of co-workers had been sending Thanksgiving emails and there were still some family tension over the “secret wedding,” all of which led to the following email sent to co-workers, family and friends:

Subject: Many Thanks Indeed 

Date: November 25, 2010 10:48 PM 

T-Day On the wine train in Napa. OMG I ate way too much. I thought, before I drop into a over-eating induced coma, that I’d drop y’all a line. I just wanted to share how thankful I am that I get to work everyday with some of the most dedicated, brilliant, creative and funny people I’ve ever known. I know that there have been more than a few times over the past year when I’ve been a little too quick with the quip or verbal jab and with the double load I haven’t always entertained the most positive attitude or disposition. I apologize for not giving y’all the support or attention that y’all deserve. I’ll strive to do better, but more than that, I just want to say thanks for being there for me and for making me feel like an important part of a fascinating family. Happy Thanksgiving, xo, jbb 

You know what’s changed in the past year? Well, no secret wine-train wedding ceremonies for me this year. That was fun. Sadly I still haven’t been as connected with my work-team as I’ve been in the past and tend to spend too much time with my nose to the grindstone and not enough enjoying the journey. Ack. Well, one thing that’s changed: I’ve been fortunate enough to have spend the past ten-months trying to step away from the wall of computer monitors and enjoying the journey with a very classy and secretly-geeky lady. Damn. Happy Thanksgiving y’all. The next 365-days are going to be amazing.

Two Days in Prescott Valley, AZ



People hear “Arizona” and they automatically think broken wagon wheel in the middle of nowhere, complete with a lot of tumble weeds and unbroken miles of desert in every direction. While the seven to eight-hour drive from So Cal to PV is filled with lots and lots of nothing, PV or Prescott proper is more small town “Mayberry” complete with historical courthouse and park in the literal center of town than a single-street Tombstone-type “community” that spilled out into the desert at either end of the street. There’s no way that mom would have left idyllic Carlsbad for that. Besides they have a Costco and In-n-Out Burger only a few miles away, what else does anyone need?

So driving in from Vegas where the average travel speed was about 80 mph, I had to continuously “reduce speed” to the point where the last 20 miles of the trip, I crawled into town at about 20 mph, with lots of stops due to construction and traffic. Being from So Cal I know how to live with traffic (just turn up the tunes or call someone to while away the hours), but I found this traffic didn’t speak well of those who came to PV to get away from all the So Cal hustle and bustle. Ha! But sure enough, definitely by the second day I started getting into the slow pace. Get one thing done then take a nap until it’s time for an early dinner, TV and the day is done. That was a “full day.” Hmmm, provided I have a good fast Internet connection, I could probably handle this. Now that’s scary.

On Day Two I managed to talk dad in a morning walk around the neighborhood. I’d pretty much fallen off my own workout schedule ever since I wrote about it, but there’s nothing like being in a new neighborhood to bring out the “explorer” genes in me and off we went. As we rounded one of the first corners there was an open area between lots that they’ve left open for rain run-off. I’d just watched the Lord of the Rings over the past week and it struck me that I could see across this completely undeveloped open plain all the way to the horizon up to the distant hills. I hadn’t seen that kind of open land near residences since I was a kind growing up in Southern California in the ’60s and ’70s. I had to agree that there was something beautiful about these fields and hills.

There was a community center that had just opened recently that marked the mid-point of our walk. The place was brand new, spotless and well equipped with workout equipment, a pool, tennis court, basketball court, pool tables, library (with a couple computers), an informal lounge and dining area, and open patio areas in front and behind. Let’s just say that dad and I were pretty impressed and when we got a chance to talk to the center’s director I made sure dad got a copy of their activity schedule, etc. That was a good adventure that earned us more nap-time (I think that’s considered legal currency in such places…). Well, we did manage to get in a trip to Costco and a hotdog lunch, followed by more nap-time.

All this nap-time proved to be quite essential because I ended up going with Creagan and Tami to the local micro-brew, then sushi then some dancing at the Bird Cage. Oh the Bird Cage… many of my nights during my first visits to Prescott when Creagan first moved there usually ended at the Bird Cage. Hot, hot bartender… I fell in love pretty much every time we went there. Now the last time we’d gone to the Bird Cage was during a 24-hour Huntington Beach, Prescott “Burning Man” celebration, Bird Cage dancing then drive back to Huntington Beach/Long Beach road-trip (oh yeah, there was a two-hour nap when we first got to Prescott before going to the party). Though the Bird Cage hadn’t even been mentioned as part of the evening’s itinerary. Damn, we had fun. So much fun that I ended up sleeping in the back of the rental car when Creagan drove it back to his place. I had to be back on the road at 4 AM, but didn’t regain consciousness until 5:30-ish. Oops. I’m still a bit sore from all the dancing, but I do have a stupid grin from the festivities. Damn, I’m getting old for this, but it sure was fun. So much for the slow life. JBB