JBB’s Video Projects

I’ve been experimenting with video technology since the end of my 2nd B.A., in 1991. My first tapes were created on an inexpensive VHS VCR and switching scenes was accomplished by pausing the recording VCR and manually putting in the second tape in the playing VCR. Titles were created by shooting hand-printed signs. It was only marginally more polished than the 8mm films I created as a 7th grader in the 1970s. Whether it’s crude VHS technology or non-linear video editing, I got into video creation because sometimes a story is better told with pictures and sound than with words on a page.

Ed Tech: Goldilocks and Tech Implementation

Goldilocks and Tech Implementation I have worked at schools with one non-networked largely ignored computer per classroom. I have worked at schools with as many as six networked computers per classroom, where the computers were still ignored. I can say after ten-years of close observation that it isn’t just about having lots of computers. In […]


Ed Tech: Tools to Manage the Classroom

Education & Technology: Tools to Manage the Classroom When I came into the classroom in 1995, after 15-years at the phone company, I had no idea what one could or couldn’t do with technology so I just adapted what I’d already been doing with computers, mostly writing and some video. I used Printshop to create […]