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Mt22 34-23 39 Difficult Questions, Continued – Respect the Office/Reject the Example

So, did Jesus’ answer about the greatest commandment meet with their approval? One might guess so, in that they didn’t seem to offer any objection. Then he turns the table around and asks them a “biblical question”: Whose son is the Christ? Of course they know that the Christ is going to be the son of David, from David’s lineage.

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Mt21 18-22 14 – The Danger of Being All Leaves and No Fruit

Matt. 21:18-22:14 – The Danger of Being All Leaves and No Fruit This section begins with a visual or “living” parable as Jesus came into the city and decided to look for something to eat. He found a fig tree with leaves but no fruit, and cursed the fig tree, which caused it to wither up. The disciples were all

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Mt21:12-17 Cleansing the Temple of our Hearts

I am reminded by the NIV Commentary that this is the second time that Jesus cleansed the temple. The first time was early in his ministry and recorded in Jn. 2:13-22. I wonder if the temple officials half-way expected him to do it again. From their point-of-view, one time would be bad enough, two times in little over three years

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Mt20 29-34 – Compassion To Two Blind Men

Matt. 20:29-34 – Compassion To Two Blind Men In this narrative Jesus is approaching Jerusalem. The buzz is that the Messiah is coming, but Jesus knows that he is not coming to take the throne but to mount the cross. Because of the coming Passover Feast the roads would be swollen with fellow travelers coming to Jerusalem to celebrate the

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Mt19 27-20:16 – God’s Generosity, Eternal Life, Part II

Matt. 19:27-20:16 – God’s Generosity, Eternal Life, Part II After hearing Jesus tell the rich man what he needed to do to get Eternal Life the disciplines wonder what it is that they will get in that they have left everything to follow him. To them (specifically) he promised that they would recieve one-hundred fold of anything they’d given up

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