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Looking for the black and white in an ocean of grey so that we can respect the work of content creators while furthering creativity itself

Thinking Out Loud About Copyright

Thinking a lot about copyright. In my course at Full Sail I cover copyright, Creative Commons, Fair Use and netiquette related to copyright in two one-hour sessions. Well, actually session one was mostly about Creative Commons and the second session was mostly about Fair Use. I’m good but I found myself stumbling around, going back […]


Roll Over Beethoven and Copy… Right!

Part of my course at Full Sail is about media issues, you know, stuff like Copyright, Fair Use and Creative Commons. The “M” in our program title (EMDT) is Media and my students, who are in their ninth month of a year long Masters degree program, are expected to stare down this huge subject and […]


Obama “Hope” Image vs. One Lost Shephard

Another day, another Fair Use issue in the headlines. After working with my graduate students over the past six months I’m left with the feeling that most of them approach the subject of copyright as something that the big media companies hold over their heads, preventing them from using the music that they want in […]


Copyright This!

Since the very first month of teaching my graduate media course at Full Sail University my students have struggled with the vagueness and conflicting messages surrounding the topics of copyright and fair use. Tasking educators, many of whom are very new to online anything, to creating an unending number of audio podcasts, videos, blog entries […]