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Video Wednesdays: The Beatles, Get Back and London: On the Trail of a Timeless Story

The Beatles Get Back YouTube videos list
The Beatles Get Back YouTube videos list

My FB video feed has been flooded with promo videos of the soon-to-stream “Get Back” Beatles mini-series by Peter Jackson. Anyone who knows me knows that you don’t have to say “The Beatles” twice to get my undivided attention. Just a cursory look around my domicile should inform the unfamiliar of this devotion. Of all the things that I admit define me, my love of all things “Fab Four” is probably the only thing that’s held true over the 60-plus years that I’ve drawn breath upon this earth. I remember in the mid-1980s when I was going through a non-stop playing Beatles music phase, a Christian friend commented, “Isn’t this all water under the bridge.” Ha! I can truly confess that my religious affiliation has had less permanence than my devotion to Beatles music and folklore. Thus, to say that I will be watching the three nights the documentary streams is an understatement. I have and have greatly enjoyed the multi-disc deluxe box sets of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and the White Album and will most likely invest in the “Let It Be” deluxe box set. Damn, I love this shit. Enjoy!

I’ve already purchased the companion book…

The Beatles Get Back book cover
The Beatles Get Back book cover

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