Video Fridays: American Veteran – The Crossing (PBS Series)

On Wednesday, before the Veterans’ Day holiday I gave the following unit to my media and mentorship students:

DAILY WARM-UP: [In honor of Veterans’ Day]: Do you have anyone in your family who has served in the military? Are they the kind of folks who talk about their time in the military or do they keep it to themselves? What do you know about serving in the American military?

INTRODUCTION: Today, in honor of the Veteran’s Day holiday that we will be enjoying tomorrow (and Friday), we will spend our time together listening to the stories of those Americans who have served in our country’s military services and their experiences becoming soldiers. 

VIDEO LESSON: Please watch the following video: 

This is the first episode of a PBS series. Click here to continue to watch other episodes

ACTIVITY: I know that you were requested to write a message to a veteran in your 4th period class. But now that you’ve seen part of their story of what they went through to become soldier, what message do you really want to share with them?

Click the START ASSIGNMENT button and take a couple of minutes and write down your thoughts in the text box below. And have a good Veterans’ Day.  [You are welcomed to leave your message to a veteran in the comments section of this blog. Thanks].

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