1959-11 Long Beach nap in Mom’s arms

Video Fridays: “Wind” & Mom

I got a call yesterday from my sister in Hawaii. She had to call 911 because mom was unresponsive after mom’s afternoon nap. Mom spent the night in critical care and needed to be intubated. We were anticipating the worse. By this afternoon, when Joyce visited mom, mom could respond to yes/no questions, but obviously couldn’t talk and wasn’t out of the woods. I said “hi” via speaker phone. My sister said that mom’s eyes were closed. In the weeks leading to this, mom has not been in a good place having anxiety and complaining that she couldn’t breath. When she first got to the hospital there was fluid in her lungs and heart, and my brother said that mom’s pace-maker was probably keeping her alive. She pulled through the night, but otherwise it’s not good. But she’s been beating the odds most of her life. So, I’m hopeful but expecting a bad call in the near future.

Toward the end of last year I found this Pixar animated short and the spirit reminds me of mom…


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