Video Friday: “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” 2004 Rock n’ Roll HOF performance

The end of another school year has transpired, or is that expired? Thus endth my 26th year in education. Yikes. I must be old. I feel old. I know that the expectation is that now that the school year is over that I will “revert” to my “natural state” of staying up all night, not getting up until noon and mindlessly try to “recover” from the past 180-days.

Yeah, I’ve figured out in my 26-years that that is pretty much a recipe for disaster. Yes, I’ve turned off my 5:30am alarm, but after this weekend I will endeavor to map out a plan to get back to the things I love but have neglected over the past 10-months (playing music, photography, this blog/podcast…) AND begin to build next year’s curriculum plan. i just finished a hell of a trial by fire, I need to learn from the experiences and make many changes so that I can continue with, hopefully, less wear and tear from the all-consuming business of public school education. At least that’s the plan. In the meantime, here’s a video from 15-years ago that was recently posted for the 5-year anniversary of the passing of the purple one, Prince. The beauty of artistic excellence needs to be continually celebrated. I can only hope to leave similar reverberations of meaning when my time comes. Enjoy.

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