Joe Bustillos Media (YouTube): your 2020 Year in Review!

Joe Bustillos Media (YouTube): Your 2020 Year in Review!

I wanted mom to see my Season’s Greetings video that I did with Deb but ran into the not-computer-savvy issue, meaning sending a link via text message didn’t work, there was no sound and the image was too small on whatever phone they were attempting to watch the video using (surprise!). One nephew stepped in and I had to give them the name of my YouTube channel. They eventually found the channel and then the video. This was all being negotiated over the phone and I got to listen to them enjoying the Season’s Greetings video and then the next video in the queue… Someone made a joke at the number of subscribers to the channel, and it dawned on me that even though I’ve been posting to YouTube for over ten years, I’ve done a pretty crappy job promoting the channel… Then the following infographic showed up in my email and I thought, I really should do a bit more to promote the channel(s)… Enjoy.

Here are the links to my two YouTube Channels:

Joe Bustillos Media (video projects)

JBB’s Final Thoughts (Video Podcast)

2020-12-12 Joe Bustillos Media (YouTube) your 2020 Year in Review1
2020-12-12 Joe Bustillos Media (YouTube) your 2020 Year in Review1

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