2012-12-03 IVIg Session 5 3rd day

Learning from the COVID Experiences of Those Who Know


I found this story in my feed and knew that I needed to hold on to it and share it. Life is full of challenges and it’s a good lesson to learn. And then when you learn something what do you do about it? What we do with what we now know and how we act is important. It’s not enough to call someone a “hero” and then go about your life without regarding their sacrifice or their lesson. This isn’t a game and there are no “teams.” There is only us and what we’re going to do to lessen and eventually defeat this disease that is needlessly killing thousands every day. Last night a dear friend’s mother died from COVID that she contracted from someone who worked where she lived. I’m tired of this too but it’s not going to magically just “go away.” We need to grow up and do what we can to end this thing. Rest-in-Peace, Joan.

1990s Conversations with Joan

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