iMac 2020 review

Video Fridays: My Super Weird iMac “Review

Video Fridays: My Super Weird iMac “Review”

It’s been a while since my last non-FB blog post. Thank you beginning of the school year. Most days I’m lucky to not be at my computer when I’m eating dinner, so the blogging and especially the podcast has fallen off quite a bit. Ugh. Good news is that I’m loving working with the kids, working online is my thing and I love the creative challenge of presenting my lessons online. If I can get a bit ahead of the grind I know I’ll get back to the blogging and podcasting and photography and all the other things that I love.

So what does any of this have to do with the video that I’ve chosen to share? It’s the story that the reviewer, Dave Lee, tells when answering the question, why buy the new 2020 iMac when a “better” model is just around the corner. He goes back to when he bought his first Mac to produce a game that he dreamed up, and even though the game wasn’t a hit, the feeling he got from sharing his creative work was amazing. Then there was the sage advice he got from a 14-year-old when he was thinking about beginning his own YouTube channel but was afraid of what others might think. The gist of the advice was why care about what others think, just do the creative thing that you want to do. How this connects with the “buy now or wait” question is that if your drive is to do something creative, then just do it. Waiting for the latest and greatest might just be an excuse to not do the creative thing that you’re always saying you want to do. In the end the Mac is just a tool. So get the best one you can for the job you want to do right now and don’t get all twisted up on waiting for something new, because something new is always going to be just around the corner. That’s just the encouragement that I needed to hear when I’m contemplating how I’m going to find time for my creative projects while trying to stay ahead of a little over a hundred middle schoolers. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I’m going to figure it out. Oh yeah, I also just ordered my own 2020 iMac ’cause I’ll be cranking away at my home desktop from now until the end of December if not for the rest of the school year. So, I might as well use the best tool(s) that I can to get the job. done. Happy Friday, y’all.

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