RNC Video Possibly Produced on Federal Dime

Confusion Thinking that They Are America

Confusion Thinking that They Are America

So the GOP created and promoted an anti-NYC/de Blasio video using interviews of several public housing residents. The problem is the video producers didn’t tell the interviewees the purpose behind the interviews and may have conducted the interviews as part of their jobs working for a federal agency. The latter item being a definite criminal no-no. All of which leads me to my continual objection, that if you have to lie to promote your political view than there might be something wrong with your view… the creators of the GOP video misrepresented their intentions and possibly broke federal law creating a political ad while working for a federal agency conducting these interviews.

They continually make the mistake claiming that their point of view is “America” and therefore to disagree with them is unpatriotic. Wrong. Their point of view is their point of view and doesn’t even represent the opinions of the majority of Americans… so to disagree with you isn’t unpatriotic. But it is un-American to not count the diverse voices that you are drowning out. The president and the GOP is not America. Sorry. You cannot make that claim, especially given that you are not the majority voice.

For example, you say that you love the flag, but then continually break the flag code when you wear it as clothing or make money on it as partisan merchandise.  How about “respecting the flag” but respecting the right to protest and speak out again the policies of the current administration. That is in the constitution.

So, this intentional confusion about what represents America and the appropriation of its symbols… doesn’t belong to any one party. And the symbols are dishonored when you work against the rights of others, to freely assemble or to vote, because they disagree with you or threaten your hold on power.  But to lie in the small things and many not-so-small things echoes your empty moral claims. You can do better than this. Being conservative doesn’t have to be immoral or criminal, but it sure looks like it these days.

Source: https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/514226-new-york-city-tenants-say-they-unwittingly-appeared-in-gop-convention-video

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