Video Wednesdays: He Cannot Be Trusted

Video Wednesdays: He Cannot Be Trusted

So, how many times do you have to be lied to before you stop listening and make plans to replace the liar in your life? I remember when conservatism actually meant something about governing and policy and how to fix things. When did it become name calling and “othering” those who don’t agree with you? There’s a big difference between smart people with different opinions about how to address our problems and just blaming all the problems on some other guy and, even when in power, not taking responsibility for any actions (or inactions) that happen. The first thing a wise person says is that there is a lot that they don’t understand but they are willing to learn. We haven’t had that kind of national leadership for the past three-years and that needs to change. It would be one thing if Lord Dampnuts wanted to do better, but he doesn’t and after all of this time, is unable to do it. He’s a salesman and a conman and he isn’t capable of caring for anyone except himself. Just ask those who have actually spent time with him. #WatchTrumpWithTheSoundOff

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