Video Fridays: The Dangerous Ones

If you value the precious responsibility of the vote, why does it distress you to think that this responsibility should be available to every American citizen? If you really believe that this is something wonderful about our American government that no one can tell you how to vote or who to vote for, then why would you want to prevent that right being exercised by other American citizens? If we really are special, why would you want for there to be any hinderance or obstacle placed in the way of any other citizen? How can our freedom be so special, but then you don’t want others to share in it? That is so shockingly Un-American and unpatriotic. How can you spout on about Freedom, but in the same breadth say to someone else, “but not for you.” If any of this describes you then listen to the line in the song, “These white boys with money better learn how to run…” and take heed, we are going to force America to live up to its aspirations and creeds. #VoteForOurLives

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