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Video Mondays: “Lean on Me”

Video Mondays: “Lean on Me”

So, in this “can’t do a lot of what we used to do with our free time” period, how are you spending your time? During the school year there’s no time for anything, then when the break comes, time just seems to slip through my fingers. Of course, this year had to be different and the school year didn’t so much come to an end as much as just stop showing up and I found myself still at home, still working on my computer. Weird. So, I decided pretty much during a week-long robotics virtual conference that I needed to do something about my online media portfolio, that was spread across several websites. You know, because I didn’t have the excuse of not having time… And there was a heavy dose of re-evaluating where I’ve been putting my energies thanks to how COVID-19 has disrupted everything. So, working on my media website. I know for many that would seem like more torture but I had fun going through all of the images and videos I’ve been collecting over the years.

Remember, I was the guy with the camera who was welcomed by some, hated by a few, but generally ignored or invisible to most. So, in that I’m not out there shooting at the moment, I find myself in here organizing and deleting previous work. And there is a lot that I never got around to editing, much less sharing and posting. Thus, this isn’t something that is going to “get done” any time soon, which makes it another thing that I have to consider when it comes to how I’m spending my time and energy. But the good side is that I’ve gotten to relive and remember a lot of fun times that I’ve had with my friends and family. The challenge right now is picking a single video or event to share in this post… First, here’s the link to the website, Joe Bustillos Media Projects (just remember that it is a work in progress…).

Today’s video talks about standing together when life challenges us and comes from a performance by yours truly with the Some Assembly Required Band from last summer. Enjoy (and please subscribe to my blog & YouTube channels!).

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