2020-05-08 dream rangers

Video Fridays: Dream Rangers

This time last week I had just heard about another friend who passed away (not COVID19 related) and my girlfriend had also just lost someone very important to her. Our culture doesn’t do death very well and would rather we forget about it and go buy something. But 55 days into this work-from-home quarantine with over 77,000 US deaths from the Pandemic, and with national leadership resorting to infantile finger pointing while the clown-car of state hurtles over a cliff, maybe we need to change our perspective on what’s really important and not feed into our culture’s self-centered delusion. When it comes time to reflect on the question: “What do people live for?” let’s have a better response than ,”Heh?!” Also, I’m really looking forward to hitting the road (with Deb) when this is all over and/or when being “social” is far less fatal.

Dream Rangers

Thanks my sister, Michaela, for the link to this video.

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