Star Trek: The Next Generation – Watch & Skip List for Season 4

The Star Trek TNG watch list continues for Season 4. As before, episodes to watch are Bold and Italic. Wow, this season begins with the powerful conclusion of Season 3’s cliffhanger, The Best of Both Worlds. There aren’t any real clunker episodes (like the earlier seasons), just some episodes that less good than others. Also, there is a stronger through-line or fall-out from big events like what happens in the season opener, The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2. There is also a stronger theme of family difficulties and strengths. I found a ST:TNG watch-list posted on Wired that might be interesting. I’m finding it a little difficult to decide which episodes to skip for this particular season. If you are a Star Trek fan, what do you think of my list?

  1. The Best of Both Worlds” (Part 2)
  2. Family
  3. Brothers
  4. Suddenly Human
  5. Remember Me
  6. Legacy
  7. Reunion
  8. Future Imperfect
  9. Final Mission
  10. The Loss
  11. Data’s Day
  12. The Wounded
  13. Devil’s Due
  14. Clues
  15. First Contact
  16. Galaxy’s Child
  17. Night Terrors
  18. Identity Crisis
  19. The Nth Degree
  20. Qpid
  21. The Drumhead
  22. Half a Life
  23. The Host
  24. The Mind’s Eye
  25. In Theory
  26. Redemption” (Part 1)


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