Video Mondays: The Expanse – A Bingeable Gift in this new COVID19 Reality

Even before COVID19 cut into our once a week trips to enjoy a movie at a local theater, my classic-movie-loving girlfriend, Debra, entrusted me to introduce her my preferred series and movies currently streaming. I was late to this one, only beginning to watch it last Spring when I needed some diversion from a lot of work related stress, I happened upon the sci-fi series, The Expanse (streaming on Amazon Prime). In the 23rd century humanity has colonized the solar system with earth and mars being the major powers and all the moons and space stations vying for their chance to survive. This isn’t Gene Roddenberry’s shiny Star Trek utopia. Anyway, there are currently four-seasons on Amazon Prime and it was a wonderfully addictive show with great characters and an amazing storyline. The following two videos are the original Syfy Channel trailer and a “10 Top Reasons to Watch” from someone who also just recently came to appreciate the show. Enjoy

The EXPANSE – Original Syfy Channel Trailer

Top 10 Reasons To Watch THE EXPANSE


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