StarTrek TNG 1701D

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Watch & Skip List (Season 1)

My girlfriend is making up for lost time (she says), and wants to catch up on everything I’ve spent a life time watching. So, I put together a list of episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation to watch (and those to skip) to help her get a feel for the series without spending the next ten-years on some less than stellar TV. Episodes to watch are Bold and Italic. If you are a Star Trek fan, what do you think of my list?

Season One

  1. Encounter at Farpoint” (Two-part episode)
  2. “The Naked Now”
  3. “Code of Honor”
  4. “The Last Outpost”
  5. “Where No One Has Gone Before”
  6. “Lonely Among Us”
  7. “Justice”
  8. “The Battle”
  9. “Hide and Q”
  10. “Haven”
  11. “The Big Goodbye” (Peabody Award Winner)
  12. “Datalore”
  13. “Angel One”
  14. “11001001”
  15. “Too Short a Season”
  16. “When the Bough Breaks”
  17. “Home Soil”
  18. “Coming of Age”
  19. “Heart of Glory”
  20. “The Arsenal of Freedom”
  21. “Symbiosis”
  22. “Skin of Evil”
  23. “We’ll Always Have Paris”
  24. “Conspiracy”
  25. “The Neutral Zone”

It’s quite the mixed bag. I kept “The Naked Now” on the watch list because it’s so bad it’s good. A lot of season one was very preachy and some episodes just don’t add much to the series.

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