thru you too by kutiman

Video Mondays: Revisiting Kutiman Thru You Remix videos

One fun part of having someone new in ones life is sharing things that you love that one’s partner has never experienced before. So over this past weekend I introduced Deb to Kutiman’s “Thru You” and “Thru You Too” projects, where this amazing musical/video artist took snippets of unrelated music performances, demos, etc., off of YouTube and crafted 15 visual songs over the two projects. I say “visual songs” because if you were just to hear the tracks you might think, “Ok,” but to see how all of these different clips are put together to make each song adds to the enjoyment of said music. We also enjoyed some of his later “City-Mix” tracks…

Kutiman: Thru You

1. Mother of All Funk Chords

2. This is What It Became

3. I’m New

4. Babylon Band

5. Someday

6. Wait for Me

7. Just a Lady

8. About (Thru You)

Kutiman: Thru You Too

1. Thru You Too Intro

2. This Is How I Feel

3. Now Is The Time

4. No One in This World

5. Give It Up

6. Change

7. My Vendetta

Kutiman – Mix Tel Aviv

One Comment

  1. Debra Aarens

    I loved these music/videos. Thank you for turning me onto Kutiman. I must say, you have been instrumental (no pun intended) in reawakening the artist ithat I AM. And my passion for all that comes under the heading of’ ‘Fine Art’ (music, painting, film, performance, writing). Feeling creative again.


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