Lessons in Adulting: Toilet Issues

Toilet Issues: Where the part busted off

Lessons in Adulting… Toilet Issues

I was looking forward to an afternoon of productivity (aka FB and email clearing and some bills stuff) but my plans got a rude interruption when part of my toilet’s flush handle decided to fall apart. Ugh. Open the tank lid and sure enough the plastic rod just cracked in half. Off to Home Depot I go with pictures of the broken parts on my phone and no idea whether I could get the broken piece or the whole handle assembly, etc. There wasn’t a replacement part exactly like mine, but I figured it out once I got my new plastic handle assembly home. In the end, it was much ado about nothing. Adulting… so over hyped.

Toilet Issues: Sad Piece of Broken Plastic
Toilet Issues: New Lever in Place

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