2019-10-27 FakePrezFakeSitRoomPhotoOp2

Sunday Rants: Fake SitRoom PhotoOp & #HonorThePress

2019-10-27 FakePrezFakeSitRoomPhotoOp1
2019-10-27 FakePrezFakeSitRoomPhotoOp1


Figures that the fake president would have a fake situation room image pretending to being there when the “deal” went down… as with most bad “leaders” he couldn’t be bothered to leave the golf course when the hard work was being done, but insists on being in the post-action photo-op and then presenting it as if he were actual there. If you hav to lie to present your story, maybe your whole story is a lie #45KnowsFakeCauseHeIsFake

2019-10-27 FakePrezFakeSitRoomPhotoOp2
2019-10-27 FakePrezFakeSitRoomPhotoOp2


We’re sorry that reporting the truth from these regions of the world often counters your precious little understanding of the world. These courageous humans aren’t the enemy. They are often the only beacon of light in a very troubled place and often change for good wouldn’t happen without them. Don’t make their difficult job that much harder by piling on your ignorance and your unwillingness to grow up and move on from the uninformed fairy tales of our and our culture’s childhood.

HonorThePress (2019-10-27)
HonorThePress (2019-10-27)


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