2019-07-19 FaceApp - much older

That Dude is Old… Crap, That’s Me & Other Online Conspiracies

That Dude is Old… Crap, That’s Me & Other Online Conspiracies

Someone on one of my FB groups decided to challenge us to do a FaceApp selfie, mostly ‘cause we’re weird like that. Alas, that post went almost nowhere because of all of the concern about the FaceApp app sending your info to some Russian spy factory. I was meh but then this PC Mag article, “Is FaceApp Really a Privacy Threat?” popped in my feed. Turns out, yeah, we should pay attention to what’s going on with our data, but this app in particular isn’t something to be concerned compared to bad passwords and our Internet browsing histories and other personal info/crap we post online. So… I downloaded the app and did an “old me” and “younger me”… My thoughts… you have to purchase the “Pro” version to do anything interesting, which is an $19 a year subscription. So, yeah, I lost interest after doing these two images… not really worth $19… so, mostly “meh.” Enjoy…

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