2019-07-16 CBS 50th Anniversary Launch of Apollo 11

Happy Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Launch Day

Happy Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Launch Day

I hope you are able to enjoy many of the Apollo 11 “you are there” programs that are being shown online and on TV. I’ve been watching the CBS 4-hour rebroadcast of their coverage on YouTube, complete with commercials and CBS “regular” news coverage from that day in 1969. Wow, the commercials are so 1960s, including an advert from International Paper featuring a model in a “paper bikini” taking a swim and throwing the bikini at the camera at the end and a prescient slow-spin-around-the-product ad from telephone manufacturer Western Electric. And of course there’s endless vamping and comments from Walter Cronkite. Also, having watched this 50-years-ago from California and looking at the schedule from the day, I must have woken up my parents at 5 in the morning on to watch the launch.

images from this morning:

P.S, Here’s a Google Doodle that was posted on July 18th (2019) celebrating the mission of Apollo 11:

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