The Consequences of Unfocused Blogging

The Consequences of Unfocused Blogging

So, during last winter break I decided i the hopes of simplifying things that I needed to bring all of my various “blogs” (of varying interests and subjects) on to this main blog: joebustillos.com. Truthfully my blogging/posting average has dropped significantly since the Full Sail years when blogging was actually part of one of the courses I taught (and before FaceBook grabbed so much of my random online time). Nonetheless, reunification seemed to be the thing. And I spent my whole winter break pulling posts and images from all the other blogs. Like most of these ventures, I soon ran out of time and I don’t remember how successful I was. It can be tedious managing over 1300 posts.

Then around Spring Break (I think the problem is that I during these breaks I have time to question previous decisions…), I thought about the problem of posting “Daily Random Sh*t” (usually political) posts next to posts related to teaching, next to posts related to religion and thought that these things would be better served if I re-separated them into their own blogs so that someone subscribing to “Adventures In Education” wouldn’t have to wade through posts related to “In Bad Faith” Thus I’ve spent a lot of this break making sure that all of my education-related posts were in the “Adventures-In.Education” blog, etc. I think I more or less did the same thing with all of the religion-related posts (moving them to it’s own “In Bad Faith” WordPress blog). I upgrade my main blog to WordPress Premium so that I could use a custom theme that let me embed posts from these other WordPress blogs to appear to be native to this main blog, like flipping through the different sections of a magazine. It worked but wasn’t very appealing visually… Then I found a magazine-theme yesterday called Dynamic News that made me question this whole “separate” blog mindset. Ugh.


As I explained earlier, the one biggest reasons for separate blogs is that someone who subscribes to my education-based blogs is not going to have to deal with the political or religious posts. That’s really the biggest problem that I have with this whole thing, basically I don’t “do” just one thing, but tend to have a wide range of somewhat unassociated disciplines. Ugh. The problem is that it is difficult to maintain a social-network presence in so many areas at the same time. That would be less of an issue if they were all associated with my main social network presence (case in point, I moved my podcast video feed to its own YouTube account and lost all of my previous subscribers in the process, doh!). So, I’m seriously thinking of bringing everything back together under one main blog (except for the media projects, because they require their own special image/photography-based theme). Damn.

Alas, it was such a hassle moving the podcast, JBB’s Final Thoughts, to its own WordPress blog, that I’ll probably leave that on its own separate blog. But, as should be apparent, that can change any time now… Ugh. Anything that lets me concentrate on content and not on re-engineering everything is a step forward. Damn. I’ve been blogging for over 16-years, since the Live Journal days in 2003, you’d think I’d be better at this organization/publication/social network-sharing stuff. Nah. Damn.

P.S., On further exploration, I found out that WordPress theme I had chosen, Dynamic News, had some limitation that made me rethink reuniting and moving ALL of my blogs to my one main blog. I had already decided to keep JBB’s Media Projects and JBB’s Final Thoughts (podcast) on their own separate WordPress blogs, because of formatting/theme issues. I’ve decided to bring all of the education related materials back to being a category under the main joebustillos.com blog (except my academic portfolio materials). I’m going to combine my technology and media review writing to one category on the main blog. I’ll also keep my main “writing” update/status/archive of older writing projects as a category on the main blog. My religion related materials will stay on their own separate blog, In Bad Faith. This is as much a way to make the subject work on the main page of the main blog as allowing to keep the main blog subscribers from any discomfort with my reflections on religion or non-religion as the case may be.

Find this message at the bottom of the page and click the button(!)

All this said, I’d very much love it if you would subscribe directly to whichever one of my blogs that appeals to you. The most non-disruptive way to do that is scroll to the bottom of whatever page you’re in, find the “Follow (blog name) via email” message, click the FOLLOW button, enter your email address, and then whenever I upload a new post you’ll get an email message with the blog post right in your email message. I usually link my posts to my FaceBook account, but sometimes the algorithm gets in the way of you getting a message every time I post. Best way is to directly subscribe. Here are the links:

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