2019-06-14 jbustillos weigh-in

Surprising Numbers Stepping on the Scale After a Few Years

2019-06-14 jbustillos weigh-inIn my many travels yesterday, I picked up a few things that hadn’t survived the move last summer or the move from Florida. One of the items was a weight-scale. Tracking my weight had been important following my illness in 2012-2014, but it just hadn’t registered these past few years. So I picked one up yesterday, and stepped on the scale this morning.

Last time I recorded my weight was back in Florida some time in 2016. At the time I clocked in at 192.2 lbs. with a target goal of 172.8 lbs. During my illness, in 2012, thanks to the pain-killers I was on also killing my ability to process food, I dropped all the way down to 154 lbs. I loved being more sinewy with little to no beer-gut, but losing all of the muscle-mass and strength in my legs to the point where I couldn’t support my own weight to stand up or walk was just a bit too far to go just to look good. So, imagine my surprise when today’s morning weigh-in registered at 157.3 lbs. Wow. I didn’t expect that.

I should probably get on setting up testing with a local physician to keep an eye on my A1C and other health measures. Speaking of health, I also got info yesterday about the location of the work-out rooms in my condo-complex now that I’m not having to keep up for kindergarteners every day and the weather gets above 100° before 8 AM. Having lost my health, I know how precious it can be and need to keep an active eye on things.

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