USPS Change-of-Address envelope

The Moving Process: Don’t Sleep on the Floor

I heard yesterday morning that the 70-something-year-old women I’m buying the condo from has moved all of her furniture out because we were supposed to close at the end of this week and is now sleeping on the floor. Alas, due to my bank’s last second cancellation of the loan, on the 18th, the whole deal was in peril. My realtor scrambled like hell and we found a banker who specializes in these kind of condo complexes, I got pre-approved and the close day was reset to August 13th. Um, turns out Monday, August 13th is the first day of the school year with students, so I’ve requested that the date be moved back to Friday, August 10th.

I just finished contacting the utilities (power, internet, USPS & insurance) to update the change from 7/27 to 8/10. Given the trauma of the previous loan failure I’m nervously hopeful, but it’s a little hard to be excited about the “new” place, even though everywhere I go I’m looking at couches or cabinets or techno-locks for the new place. Also, I’m really hoping that someone is exaggerating about the elderly seller sleeping on the floor until the closing date. Good lord, woman, you can move to wherever you were going to move to and not feel like you have to stand guard up to closing day. I guess we are all a bit nervous about what could go wrong next. Ugh.


UPDATE: We’re doing the “final” walk-through tomorrow (7/25) with a hopeful 8/10 or before close.

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