Selling the False Trump Selfless Savior Narrative

Found this in my feed, about how the Army screwed up at the end of the gulf war, stranding soldiers in the Middle East and how Trump arranged for their return at his expense, except for the cost of fuel. And as a result of that experience, former Private Sean Buller is loyal to Trump because Trump was loyal to him in 1991. Like Trump’s 9/11 story, this rescue narrative is an interesting mix of truths and blatant fabrications. It’s actually a textbook example of how to spin a story about another one of Trump’s business failures, Trump’s Shuttle Service, and make it into a story of Trump patriotism and loyalty towards our troops. Yeah, wave the flag.

So, Snopes did a little digging. There was a situation at the end of the gulf war where commercial airliners were being pressed into service to get soldier moved around the United State (not back from the Middle East) and there’s a pretty good chance that some of Trump’s shuttle aircraft were part of this service. But being used for this purpose was more likely because the aircraft was available, because Trump had defaulted on his loans and had liquidated these assets. So, this is actually another example of bad business timing on the part of Mr. Trump, where he got into the shuttle airlines business at a bad time and had to default in less than ten-years. The use of the aircraft to the benefit of these soldiers was not an act of patriotism, but the luck of these liquidated assets being pressed into service for the good of these soldiers. Trump defaulted on his loans and through no intention of his own, these soldiers benefited.

Scary that the patriot version of this story has been shared and promoted on the Faux cable network by the unofficial WH chief of staff, Sean Hannity. Sad, that under pretty much every supposed patriotic act by Cadet Bone Spurs is more likely just an unsubstantial, shallow photo op with a very different actual history. But it is an amazing job of spinning another story of business failure into a patriotic narrative. That takes real skill and a solid belief that his followers, Cult 45, will swallow any story that makes him look more like George Washington than than the failed P.T. Barnum that he really is.



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